These terms and conditions apply to all agreements entered with
TSOUKNIDA. By placing an order, acknowledge that you without any
limitations accept these general terms and conditions. TSOUKNIDA reserve
the rights to change these terms and conditions and update the online retail
at any time. Users are responsible for keeping themselves updated with such

Privacy Policy

All personal information you provide us with or that we obtain will be handled
by TSOUKNIDA as responsible for the personal information. The personal
information you provide will be used to ensure deliveries to you, the credit
assessment, to provide offers and information on our products to you. The
information you provide is only available to TSOUKNIDA and Tictail and will
not be shared with other third parties. You have the right to inspect the
information held about you. You always have the right to request
TSOUKNIDA to delete or correct the information held about you. By
accepting the TSOUKNIDA Conditions, you agree to the above.

Force Majeure

Events outside TSOUKNIDA's control, which is not reasonably foreseeable,
shall be considered force majeure, meaning that TSOUKNIDA is released
from TSOUKNIDA's obligations to fulfill contractual agreements. Example of
such events are government action or omission, new or amended legislation,
conflict, embargo, fire or flood, sabotage, accident, war, natural disasters,
strikes or lack of delivery from suppliers. The force majeure also includes
government decisions that affect the market negatively and products, for
example, restrictions, warnings, ban, etc.

Payment Terms

All products remain TSOUKNIDA's property until full payment is made. The
price applicable is that set at the date on which you place your order.
Shipping costs and payment fees are recognized before confirming the
purchase. If you are under 18 years old you must have parents' permission to
buy from TSOUKNIDA.
All transfers conducted through TSOUKNIDA are handled and transacted
through third party dedicated gateways to guarantee your protection. Card
information is not stored and all card information is handled over SSL
encryption. Please read the terms & conditions for the payment gateway
chosen for the transaction as they are responsible for the transactions made.

Local Taxes

Please note that local charges (sales tax, customs duty) may occur,
depending on your region and local customs duties. These charges are at the
customers own expense.