Tsouknida is an Athens based designing team founded by Niki Psychogiou.
Tsouknida is the greek word for nettle, which is a very peculiar,
beautiful and multi-functional plant.
For us it symbolizes ainigmatic beauty and mysterious simplicity.

Our collections demonstrate our belief about contemporary fashion.
We want our clothes to be practical and easy to wear
and at the same time loyal to the ideas of elegance and timeless style.

Sometimes with an ethereal female touch,
some others with a playful and naughty feeling or with strict geometrical lines,
our clothes will always keep up with the radicall spirit of our times and our attitude.
They will reflect an eerie retro sense and distinct characther
with a story to tell about us and the cloth itself.

Our commitment is to use high quality fabrics in order to offer
products in the foremost price preformance ratio, with no deduction in elegance.

As set and costume designers ourselves we believe that clothes
should carry a theatricallity and a special architecture, which make a garment unique.
In that notion, there will be frequent collaborations with designers we love
and share the same passion and vision for style.

External collaborators: Ewelina Niedziella